ESD Wrist Strap

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Product Features:


  • ESD #EWS-6 Wrist Strap 6ft Cord
  • ESD #EWS-8 Wrist Strap 8ft Cord
  • ESD #EWS-9 Wrist Strap 9ft Cord
  • ESD #EWS-10 Wrist Strap 10ft Cord
  • ESD #EWS-12 Wrist Strap 12ft Cord
  • ESD #EWS-15 Wrist Strap 15ft Cord


Wrist Band

Elastic adjustable and with conductive filament throughout the entire band length to ensure position skin contact and integrity of grounding.Conductive filament is made up of the conductive wrist strap of 20mm width 32 treat of acrye texture yarn.


Coiled Cord

Made of PU (Polyurethene) cable. Coil cord length available is 6ft, 8ft, 9ft, 10ft, 12ft or 15ft.

Outer Diameter

2.5 ± 0.1 mm


1 MΩ ¼ watt (Crimped and soldered on top of the socket) ± 2%.



Resistance of Outer Band

< 10E9Ω

Resistance of Inner Band    

< 10E9Ω

Banana Plug / Snap Base Housing

Molded with strain relief and cord restrain. Fixed stainless steel swing copper alloy.

Female Snap

 10mm / 4mm