Hytec #Hytec - 2001 Surface Resistivity Meter

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The Hytec-2001 Surface Resistivity Metermeasures Surface Resistivity using parallelelectrodes and concentric rings. Tests Resistance To Ground (RTG), ResistanceBetween Two Points (RTT), Volume Resistance using two 5lb. 2.5” disc probes, andhumidity and temperature during the resistivity-resistance testing. Hytec-2001 Surface Resistivity Meter tests each sleeve of a garment for continuity in addition to performing dissipative seating tests.Conforms to ANSI/EOS/ESD (S4,S7.1,S12,S2.1), ASTM-F150, and NFPA 99A standards.

Hytec-2001 Surface Resistivity Meter is designed to quality inspect incoming materials such as floor finishes, floor mats, table mats, conductive floor tiles, work surfaces, paints, bags, wrist straps, common point ground cords, footwear, packagingmaterials, clothing, and ESD chairs in static controlled areas.

Applications include engineering, maintenance, quality control, incoming inspection manufacturing, and training.


Major Specifications

  • Range: 103 – 1012 ohms
  • Measures Temperature: 32OF-100OF or
  • 0OC-37OC
  • Measures resistance/resistivity, humidity,
  • and temperature
  • Automatic zeroing and power shut off
  • CE approved
  • Conforms to EOS/ESD, NFPA, ANSI, UL,
  • ASTM, Military, EIA, and CECC standards
  • 10 volts and 100 volts - test voltages
  • LCD Display - Easily read
  • Automatic range indicator