Hytec #HTY-1105 ESD Dual Independent Wriststrap and Footwear Data Logger

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It is able incorporate with turnstile or door access, and connects to a personal computer through LAN (TCP/IP) to control it. If the controller is not connected to the personal computer, it has a built-in storage device which can store up to 300,000 test data. Besides, it has a future enhancement feature by connecting to a LCD panel to the controller board to show the name, department, test status, etc during testing.

It has 5 test methods to choose from:

  • VIP, which means no test needed
  • Wrist Strap only
  • Footwear only
  • Wrist Strap and Footwear
  • Wrist Strap or Footwear



Power Source




LED indicators and audio signal

Relay output


+10% for wrist strap tester

+10% for footwear tester

Adjustable Range

750KΩ-10MΩ  for wrist strap

100KΩ-100MΩ for footwear

Default Setting

750kΩ-10MΩ for wrist strap

750kΩ-100MΩ for footwear