SuperCaliper Series 500 - No battery or origin reset needed for IP67 digital caliper

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Product Features:

• Top-of-the-line digital caliper. Solar type caliper with no battery and IP67 protection assures waterproof reliability.

• With no annoying origin restoration necessary, a measurement can be started any time and there is no restriction on operating speed.
• The impact resistance of the display unit has been increased for improved usability in workshop conditions.
• Waterproof function makes this SuperCaliper suitable for use in an environment containing large amounts of cutting fluid or coolant. Operability is equivalent to the mechanical type caliper.
• This SuperCaliper uses components that do not contain harmful substances and is compatible with RoHS Directives.
• Slider operation is smooth and comfortable.

IP67 protection level  
Level 6 Dust-proof.No ingress of dust allowed.
Level 7 Protected against water penetration.
Ingress of water in quantities causing harmful
effects shall not be possible when the enclosure
is temporarily immersed to a depth of 1 meter in
water under standardized conditions of pressure
and time (30 min.).



Technical Data  
Resolution 0.01mm or .0005"/0.01mm
Accuracy ±0.02mm (excluding quantizing error)
Repeatability 0.01mm
Quantizing error ±1 count
Dust/Water protection level IP67*
Power supply Solar cell**
Display LCD
Scale type ABSOLUTE electromagnetic induction linear
Max. response speed Unlimited

* This model is not waterproof type. Therefore, rustproofing shall be applied after use.
** Can be used continuously above 60lux ambient illumination. 


Origin-set: Absolute origin position can be changed.
Alarm: Error message is displayed and measurement
functions become inoperative if:
• Tool is turned on when both illumination and charging voltage are insufficient.
• Main unit is extremely polluted and miscalculation occurs in the display unit.


Air leak test equipment for water resistance inspection

Generally, an air leak test is adopted for evaluating water resistance.

Procedure: Place the measuring tool inside the capsule and seal it. Then fill the capsule and the test chamber with air at the required pressure and close the isolating valves. If there is no leak in the measuring tool, the differential pressure sensor will read zero, because the amount of air inside the test chamber is unchanging. However, if there is a leak in the measuring tool, the differential pressure sensor will show a non-zero reading due to a decrease in pressure inside the test chamber as air leaks into the tool. By detecting this differential pressure, GO/NG judgment for the severity of the leak is performed. This air leak test is performed for all ABS coolant proof calipers and coolant proof micrometers.

Air leak test equipment for ABS coolant proof caliper

About the charge function (SuperCaliper)

The minimum illumination required in the uncharged state is 60lux.

  • As shown in the table ‘JIS Z 9110 Artificial Illumination Intensity Standard’, this SuperCaliper can be used with confidence in a normal work environment.

The charge function allows the operator to use the SuperCaliper without interrupting work even if the ambient illumination is temporarily insufficient.

•In the fully charged state this SuperCaliper can operate for approximately one hour in an environment of 50lux illumination (less than the minimum necessary illumination intensity).
• The time necessary for full charge varies according to the charging conditions. If the SuperCaliper is left unused in an illumination of 500 lux (usual for manufacturing environments), it takes approximately one hour to reach full charge.