Vernier Caliper 530 Series - Standard model

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  • Brand: Mitutoyo
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Product Features:

• Plain and basic design.
• Stepped graduation face prevents dust ingress between the main scale and slider.
• The small vernier face angle (14°) provides easy reading.
• Can measure outside and inside dimensions, depth, and steps.
• Carbide-tipped jaw calipers are optimal for rough finished parts, castings, grinding  stones, etc.
• Decimal and fractional graduated scales (metric/inch and inch models only).

Technical Data:

Accuracy  ±0.05mm (≤200mm), ±0.08mm (≤300mm)
  ±0.10mm (≤600mm), ±0.15mm (≤1000mm)
High accuracy type:
±0.03mm (≤200mm), ±0.04mm (≤300mm)
Graduation 0.05mm, 0.05mm (1/128”) or .001” (1/128”)
  High accuracy type:
0.02mm or 0.02mm (.001”)



Measurement Applications