Absolute Digimatic Caliper 550 Series - with Nib Style Jaws

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  • Brand: Mitutoyo
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Product Features:

  • Offers a resolution of 0.01mm with corresponding accuracy.
  • Incorporates an Absolute measurement system. No need to reset the origin after switching on. (Refer to page D-8 for a description of Absolute measurement.)
  • Code Nos. 550-301-10, 550-331-10, 550- 311-10 and 550-341-10: IP67 (These models are not a waterproof type. Therefore a rustproofing shall be applied after use.)
  • Allows integration into statistical process control and measurement systems for models with measurement data output connector.
  • ID measurement value: displayed value + (the minimum inside measurement value mentioned below). OFFSET switch allows to input a compensation value so that the measurement value can be read directly (Code Nos. 550-301-10, 550-331-10, 550-311-10 and 550-341-10). Preset function allows to set a desired starting point (Code Nos. 550- 331-10 and 550-341-10).


Technical Data

Accuracy Refer to the list of specifications.
(excluding quantizing error for digital models)
Resolution 0.01mm or .0005"/0.01mm
Display LCD
Scale type ABSOLUTE electromagnetic induction linear
Max. response speed Unlimited
Battery SR44 (1 pc), 938882,
Battery life
  • for initial operational checks (standard accessory)
  • Approx. 3 years under normal use
  • (1 year: 300mm models)
  • (3.5 years: over 300mm models)
  • Dust/Water protection level: IP67* (models up to 300mm)

*This model is not waterproof type. Therefore, rustproofing shall be applied after use.