One-Step - No Clean Desoldering Braid

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•RoHS Compliant
•Oxide-free clean copper
•More strands of copper (more surface area) per square inch
•Flux residue remaining on board does not need to be cleaned
•To be used in conjunction with processes using RMA type no-clean fluxes; conforms to the requirements of ANSI/J-STD-004, Type LO
•High SIR—conforming to Bellcore specification GR-78-CORE (TR-TSY- 000078), and IPC Test Method III
•Available on static dissipative spools in compliance with the ESD Association Standard (Mil. Standard 2000 and DOD Standard 1686)
•Manufactured under SPC guidelines
•Cleaned and manufactured utilizing the latest technology in environmentally friendly chemicals and processes

ONE-STEP - No Clean Desoldering Braid