Hytec #1101 Wrist Strap / Footwear Tester

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Being developed as per ISO/CD8782-I standard, it is used to test the grounded resistance from hand to feet of an individual. There are LED indicators and audio alarm, which are necessary for static control. Supplying voltage is as low as 9V, which is very safe, and also under-voltage protection.


  • Check whether the grounded apparatus is in good status easily and quickly.
  • Testing operation is simple.
  • Testing ESD shoes / heel strap and wrist wrap.



Power source

9V battery or AC power


Three LED indicators and audio signal


+10% for wrist strap tester

+10% for anti-static footwear tester

Testing range

750K-10M  for wrist strap

750K-100M for anti-static footwear


0.2 kg


140mm × 80mm ×40mm