HYTEC #HYT-1205 Dual Individual Footwear & Wrist Strap Tester

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  • Brand: Hytec
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Dual Individual Footwear & Wrist Strap Tester

Being developed according to ISO/CD8782 - 1 standard, it able to test the wrist strap and footwear simultaneously. It is used to test the grounded resistance from hand to feet of an individual in a close- loop. There are LED indicators and audio alarm, which are necessary for static control

  • Technical Specification:

Power Source

110 - 240VAC

50 – 60Hz


                      LED indicators and audio signal                            Relay output


+10% for wrist strap tester

+10% for footwear tester

Adjustable Range

750KΩ – 10MΩ for wrist strap

100KΩ – 100MΩ for footwear

Default Setting

750kΩ – 10MΩ for wrist strap

750kΩ – 100MΩ for footwear