Spore Sulphur Free

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  • Brand: Suzuki Latex
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General Description

Spore Sulphur Free is a very unique, cost effective non-sulphur finger cot specially made for sulphur sensitive production environment. Spore Sulphur Free finger cot is specially designed to prevent any sulphur contamination from finger cot to high precision metal components such as gold, silver & copper during production assembly. Spore Sulphur Free finger cot is RoHS-certified. It does not contain heavy metal substances, sulphur & chloride. 100% bio-degradable. Environmental friendly.


  • Special washing process to reduce ionics, non-volatile residue, particles, and other contaminants.
  • Treated with very low level of powder for general cleanroom use.
  • Cheap, very cost effective against other hand protection products e.g. nitrile glove, vinyl glove, etc.
  • Ergonomically fit into fingers to provide excellent working performance especially small part handling.

Area of Use (productions)

  • Micro electrical components
  • High presicion metal components assembly
  • Cleaning and handling of precision components
  • Semi-conductors
  • Disk drive / thin film heads
  • Computer hard disk production
  • Watch manufacturing


Product Spore Sulphur Free
Internal Diameter (mm) S15 15
M18 Not Available
L21 Not Available
Thickness (mm) 0.13 ± 0.02
Length (mm) 50 ± 2
Physical Test (ASTM D412)
Tensile Strength
 Min 700 %
Min 16 Mpa
Surface Resistivity (ASTM D257) Not Available
Surface Texture Smooth Surface
Type Unroll
Packaging 1440 pcs x 20 bags per carton
Shelf Life (Recommended) Approximately 9 months
Remarks Does not contain Sulphur compound. Metal surfaces eg. gold, silver, copper etc. will not be contaminated by the sulphur when coming into contact with SPORE SULPHUR FREE finger cots