ESDMAN P/N: 001-6809 ESD Access Control System

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ESDMAN P/N: 001-6809 

ESD Access Control System

ESDMAN #001-6809 ESD Access Control System is built with a solid- state test button, to enhance a longer life span of the test button. It has a touch screen LCD screen to display employee name, employee ID, card number, and department and test method. After ESD test being commenced, test result will be displaying the LCD screen, and record  in the software too.

ESDMAN #001-6809 ESD Access Control System is able to integrate with turnstile or flap barrier, as well as operate as a stand - alone unit. It can connect to either a  stand- alone personal computer or a server through LAN (TCP/IP)  connection.

ESDMAN #001-6809 ESD Access Control System is able to assign different test method for individual employee at individual test machine. For example, employee A needs to test footwear only at Tester 1 and need to test wrist strap & footwear at Tester 2 (different location); and this all can be set. It allows to accept VIP setting too, which no test is needed;  especially for VVIP who visit the production

* Technical Specifications

ESD Test Method

1.        Single – wire Wrist Strap

2.        Dual-wire Wrist Strap

3.        Footwear

4.        ESD Garment

5.        VIP

ESD Range

Wrist Strap: 100K-100M

Footwear: 100K-1G

**Adjustable within the range


(at 23oC 55%RH)

100K-35M : + 5%

> 35M : + 10%




7” Touch Screen LCD

Additional Features

1.        Auto Email Reporting

2.        Adjustable Card Swipe Limit

3.        Adjustable Test Time

4.        Photo Display (In Progress)