Wood Scratch Brushes(Hand Laced) #14 [14CKP , 14HH , 14B, 14SS, 14SSP-003]

Product Spectures:

  • Toothbrush style plywood handle. Fill material, hand-tied with stainless steel wire, remains secure even in wet environments when wood handle expands and contracts.


 Part Number 14CK 14HH 14B 14SS 14SS-003
Fill Material Hog Bristle Horse Hair 0.006 Brass 0.006 Stainless Steel 0.003 Stainless Steel
Trim Length 7/16 Inch
Rows 2 x 8
Handle Length 7-3/4 Inch
Handle Width 11/32 Inch 3/8 Inch
ESD Category

Anti-Static Brushes


Slightly Wider for Tough Spots

Brush Face Length 1-3/8 Inch
Brush Face Width 1/4 Inch