Wood Scratch Brushes(Hand Laced) #60 [60CK , 60HH , 60B, 60SS]

Product Spectures:

  • Laminated plywood handle bent at a 60° angle designed to facilitate cleaning at unusual angles and hard to reach places.


 Part Number 60CK 60hh 60b 60SS
Fill Material Hog Bristle Horse Hair 0.006 Brass 0.006 Stainless Steel
Trim Length 7/16 Inch
Rows 3X7
Handle Length 14
Handle Width 7X16 Inch
ESD Category

Anti-Static Brushes


Aggressive Non-Scratch Cleaning, Excellent Durability

Soft Non-Scratch Cleaning or Dusting Light Cleaning and Luster Finishing Cleaning, Light Rust Removal and Roughing in Corrosive Environments
Brush Face Length 1-1/24 Inch
Brush Face Width 1/4 Inch