MEC Sunje #SBL - 15S

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Product Features:

- Ion balance within +/- 2V (at 60cm distance, max. air flow)
- EMI(Electro-Magnetic Interference) and EMS(Electro-Magnetic Susceptibility) 
- Automatic tip clening function
- Various interfaces with automated factories(PLC, Computor)
- RMS(Real Monitoring System)
- Ion bar graph(LED)


Category Descriptions
Model SBL-15S
Input Power DC 24V, Adapter(AC110~240V, 50/60Hz, DC24V)
Power Consumption 35aW
Ion-Generation Method Steady-State DC
Air Blow Volume 4.84m³/min
Noise Level(dB) 62dB
Ion Balance Within ±2V
Ozone(O₃) Concentration ≤0.005 ppm
Operation Circumstance 0℃~+50℃(32˚F ~ 122˚F), 35%~85% RH
Weight 2kg
Material Aluminum / Stainless
Electrode Material Tungsten / Titanium
Mounting Method Desk Top
Function Tip Cleaning, 2Steps Fan Speed, Ion Balance Display
Alarm Function Ion Unbalance Alarm
Interface Remote On/Off, Run State, RS485, Alarm(Ion Unbalance)
Option RMS(Real Monitoring System)
Warranty 1 year