Berkshire 3-PA-FSH Lab-Tips® Cotton Swabs

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  • Product Code: 3-PA-FSH

Double Ended Cotton Tipped Swabs

Lab-Tips® Swabs are exceptionally pure for precision cleaning, surface sampling, and validation procedures. Berkshire offers an extensive range of high quality polyester knit, foam, and nonwoven materials to choose from.


  Part No. 3-PA-FSH
 Head Width 3.2mm (0.126”)
 Head Thickness Pointed
 Head Length 12mm (0.472")
 Handle Width 1.5mm (0.059")
 Handle Thickness 1.5mm (0.059")
 Handle Length 73mm (2.874")
 Total Swab Length 76mm (2.992")
 Head Bond Adhesive Bond
 Head Type Pointed
 Packaging 25 Swabs/Pk, 200Pks/Cs