Series 476A & 478 A

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  • Digital Manometer
  • Single & Dual Pressure Measurement,Electronic Zeroing ,  ± 1.5% Accuracy

Ideal for field or laboratory use, the Model 476A-0 Single Pressure Digital Manometer measures low pressures from -20 to 20" w.c. with ±1.5% full scale accuracy. Designed especially for the HVAC contractor, the Model 476A-0 can be used to set gas supply pressures, verify pressure switch operation, adjust regulators, check pneumatic systems and computer peripherals. The rugged, handheld unit is constructed with an extruded aluminum case for exceptional durability.

The Series 478A manometer can be used to measure positive, negative, or differential pressures. The unit features selectable units, auto zero, hold and a Min/Max function. Press the Hold key to freeze the current pressure measurement on the display. The 478A manometer includes a zeroing button to null out any minor pressure differences.

Model & Ordering 

Model Number Description
476A-0 Digital manometer, range -20 to 20" w.c.