775 - 8 - Rover Mask™ Latex Temporary Solder Mask - 8 ounce

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Rover Mask™ is a premium quality, natural latex based temporary solder resist. Rover Mask™ 775-8 comes in a convenient 8 ounce (227 g) applicator bottle featuring a tapered spout for easy hand application. Inner safety seal keeps mask fresh and prevents spilling in transit. A 10 mil coating of Rover Mask™ will dry in 3 hours at room temperature or 1 hour at 160 degrees F (71 C). Rover Mask™ 775-8 is both RoHS and REACH compliant and has a one year shelf life. Also available in a one gallon container (775-1) for use with automatic dispensing equipment.

Type of Tool

  • Solder Mask

Project type:

  • Electronics