Spore Pink AS

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General Description

Spore Pink AS are inherently anti-static, 100% powder-free premium quality ESD finger cots. The ESD property in Spore Pink AS finger cots series will not weaken along the age. Surface resistivity at 1010-1011 ohms/square, conforms to most of the ESD application requirements. Spore Pink AS finger cots series are ESD & RoHS-certified. They do not contain heavy metal substances. 100% bio-degradable. Environmental friendly. An excellent finger cot to use in ESD & cleanroom environment.


  • Conductive agents are blended with latex to provide consistent ESD performance.
  • Suitable for handling ESD sensitive components or assemblies that require anti-static function.
  • Special washing process to reduce ionics, non-violatile resistance, particles and other contaminants.
  • High tensile strength and elongation for maximum tear resistance.

Area of Use (productions)

  • ESD production environment
  • Micro electrical components
  • Semi-conductors
  • Disk drives / thin film heads
  • Cleaning and handling of precision components
  • Memory chip production
  • Computer hard disk production
  • Watch manufacturing
  • High precision metal component assembly


Product Spore Pink AS Chlorinated
Internal Diameter (mm) S15 15
SM16.5 16.5 (Special size order)
M18 18
L21 21
Thickness (mm) 0.1 ± 0.02
Length (mm) 63 ± 3
Physical Test (ASTM D412)
Tensile Strength
Min 700 %
Min 25 Mpa
Surface Resistivity (ASTM D257) 1010-1012 Ohms/square
Surface Texture Smooth Surface
Type Unroll / Roll
Packaging 1440 pcs x 20 bags per carton
Shelf Life (Recommended) Approximately 9 months
Remarks It is chlorinated powder free finger cots. Suitable for handling ESD sensitive components or assemblies that requires anti-static properties