Series 2-5000 Minihelic® II Differential Pressure Gage

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Combining clean design, small size and low cost with enough accuracy for all but the most demanding applications our Minihelic® II gage offers the latest in design features for a dial type differential pressure gage. It is our most compact gage but is easy to read and can safely operate at total pressures up to 30 psig. The Minihelic® II gage is designed for panel mounting in a single 2-5/8" diameter hole. Standard pressure connections are barbed fittings for 3/16" ID tubing; optional 1/8" male NPT connections are also available. Over-pressure protection is built into the Minihelic® II gage by means of a blow-out membrane molded in conjunction with the diaphragm. Accidental over-ranging up to the rated total pressure will not damage the gage. With removable lens and rear housing, the gage may be easily serviced at minimum cost.

With the housing molded from mineral and glass filled nylon and the lens molded from acrylic, the gage will withstand rough use and exposure as well as high total pressure. The 5% accuracy and low cost of the Minihelic® II gage make it well-suited for a wide variety of OEM and user applications. OEM applications include cabinet air purging, medical respiratory therapy equipment, air samplers, laminar flow hoods, and electronic air cooling systems. As an air filter gage, the Minihelic® II gage finds many end use applications on large stationary engines, compressors, ventilators, and air handling units. The Minihelic® II gage is suitable for many of the same applications as the Magnehelic® gage where the greater accuracy, sensitivity, and higher and lower differential pressure ranges of the Magnehelic® gage are not required.

Product Applications

  • Room Positive Pressure Sensing
  • Local Indication on Filter Status
  • Face Velocity on Fume Hood
  • Duct Pressures

Models & Ordering

Model Number Description
2-5000-0 Differential pressure gage, range 0-0.5" w.c.
2-5001 Differential pressure gage, range 0-1.0" w.c.
2-5002 Differential pressure gage, range 0-2.0" w.c.
2-5003 Differential pressure gage, range 0-3.0" w.c.
2-5005 Differential pressure gage, range 0-5.0" w.c.
2-5010 Differential pressure gage, range 0-10" w.c.
2-5020 Differential pressure gage, range 0-20" w.c.
2-5040 Differential pressure gage, range 0-40" w.c.
2-5060 Differential pressure gage, range 0-60" w.c.
2-5100 Differential pressure gage, range 0-100" w.c.